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Hello, my name is Scott Ichikawa. I am an Associate Design Director at Artefact in Seattle, WA. I have over fifteen years of professional experience within the visual communication and interactive design fields. Since joining Artefact, I have contributed my interaction design expertise to a wide range of projects from improving the experience for an online health site, to defining the UI/UX for medical robotics technology.

Most recently, I completed my graduate studies at the University of Washington. Where I earned my Master of Design degree with a focus on Interaction Design.

Prior to that, I was part of the interaction design team at Teague's Seattle Design Studio, collaborating, leading and inspiring teams of designers / makers to create thoughtful & tangible user experiences to help build the technology of the future. I am also pursuing a Masters Degree in Interaction Design at the University of Washington.

From 2004 to 2013 I served as Principal and Senior Digital Art Director at LitFuse Design, an interactive design consultancy that I co-founded in 2004. I have overseen and collaborated with professionals specializing in a variety of media to create interactive campaigns that have reached a global audience and I have attained recognition within the industry as a passionate, forward thinking interactive designer. Under my leadership, LitFuse Design became an award winning interactive design firm recognized for creating highly original and entertaining interactive content for high profile clients, with work featured in multiple Superbowl campaigns.

My main goal is to have fun doing what I do, and to continue being creative. I strive to keep on top of the latest and greatest trends in both the design and technology fields.


  • Skills
  • Ideation - Brainstorming, Story Boarding
  • Design - Interactive, Branding, Typography
  • UI Design - Wireframing, Prototyping
  • Leadership & Team Management
  • Collaborative - Plays well with others
  • Strong Verbal & Written Communication Skills
  • Illustration - Hand Drawn, Vector, Photo Realistic
  • Front End Development - HTML5, CSS3, JS, AS3
  • Project Management - Timeline Scheduling Expertise
  • Client Relations & Vendor Management

  • Awards and Recognition
  • FWA - Site of the Day - LitFuse Design Classic
  • FWA - Site of the Month - LitFuse Design Classic
  • FWA - Site of the Day - Chevrolet Avalanche
  • FWA - Site of the Day - Michelin Man
  • FWA - Site of the Month - Michelin Man

  • In 2009-2010, I judged for The FWA, reviewing and rating some of the most creative & inventive websites in the world.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in more information about me & my capabilities.


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Sharea - Building Through Sharing
Ideation, Concepting, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Photoshop Renderings, Collaboration.
Created at UW with teammates Moeck & Ghassemian
Type: Concept Project


News Mixtape - Part of The Current Project
Ideation, Concepting, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Photoshop Renderings, Collaboration.
Created at UW as part of my Master Thesis
Type: Concept Project


Michelin Man - Better Way Forward
Concepting, Design, UI Design, Animation Direction, Development Project Management, Flash AS3.
Created at LitFuse with Campbell-Ewald, Warren MI
Type: Client Project


Bent Wood Bike Tray - Make Things Tangible
Ideation, Concepting, Design, Prototyping, Management, Production, Development.
Created at UW
Type: Concept Project / Make Things


Diakin AC - NAUM
Concepting, Art Direction, Design, UI Design, Illustration, Animation, Project Management, Flash.
Created at LitFuse with TM Advertising, Dallas TX
Type: Client Project


Nothing Left Unsaid - Coping with Death
Concepting, Art Direction, Design, UI Design, Primary and Secondary Research, Interviews, Project Management.
Created at UW with Nina Shahriaree
Type: Research & Concept Project


Little Zombies - iOS Game and Website
Concepting, Mobile Design (iOS), UI Design, Character Design, Animation Direction, Development, Project Management, HTML5, CSS3, JS
Created at LitFuse
Type: Client Project


BC Hydro - Wastebusters
Concepting, Design, Game UI Design, Animation, Illustration Project Management, Flash AS3.
Created at LitFuse with Tribal DDB, Vancouver Canada
Type: Client Project


The Future of Laundry
Concepting, Art Direction, Design, Interaction Design, Primary and Secondary Research, Interviews.
Created at UW with John Rousseau, Shaghayegh Ghassemian, Ryan Moeck, Abigail Steinem & Kun Xu
Type: Research & Concept Project

State to Plate - Brand, Packaging, Website
Concepting, Design, UI Design, Branding, Packaging, Web Development Project Management, HTML JS CSS.
Created at Run, Jump & Fly with State to Plate
Type: Client Project

State to Plate - Interactive Business Plan
Concepting, Design, UI Design, Branding, Development Project Management.
Created at Run, Jump & Fly with State to Plate
Type: Client Project

HomeAway - Griswold Getaway Game
Concepting, Design, UI Design, Typography, Game Development Project Management, Flash AS3.
Created at LitFuse with Publicis
Type: Client Project


Teague - SonoSite Presentation
Design, Animation, Illustration, Project Management.
Created at LitFuse with Teague, Seattle WA
Type: Client Project


LitFuse Design - 2012 Website
Concepting, Art Direction, Design, Typography, Illustration, Project Management, HTML.
Created at LitFuse
Type: Client Project

LitFuse Design - Misc Projects
Concepting, Art Direction, Design, Typography, Illustration, Animation, Project Management
Created at LitFuse
Type: Client Project

You can see some more of my work from when I was at LitFuse Design at or you could see more of my print and branding work at - my old portfolio.

Illustrations, knolling & other random goodness . . .













"In short, I would want Scott on any team. I have had the pleasure of working with Scott on a handful of projects, a couple where he was unfortunately dropped in at the deep end. His thoughtful and diligent approach, plus his steady hand, meant he always delivered great results even when the pressure is on. He has all the qualities of good designer - craft, problem solving, critical awareness, wit - but gets to great with a quality that is often lacking. He has the ability to move beyond what's in the way of 'ideal', how changing something outside himself would make the work better, and astutely puts his efforts to where he know he's going to bring a big return. Returning to do his masters after 10 years as a pro (a portion running his own show) is testament to his humbleness. I hope I have the pleasure of working with Scott some time in the future."

Tom Hobbs

Creative Director (while at) TEAGUE

"I can't say enough good things about Scott. We have been working with him at Teague for years, and he is and absolute gem. From kickoff to wrap-up, Scott delivers great results on time. Always. His design skills are top-notch, and he is happy to dive into gnarly problems and tackle them head-on. Additionally, he is incredibly fun to work with, and he is universally loved by his coworkers and clients alike. We look forward to working with him again soon."

Alysha Naples

Interaction Design Manager (while at) TEAGUE

"Scott is not only a great interaction designer, but he's a great design leader, collaborator, and a mentor to junior designers. He's also one of the most creative and professional people I've ever had the privilege to work with."

Pam Heath

Project Manager at TEAGUE

"Scott provides 2 incredibly important skills to a team. His upfront idea generation and brainstorming always looked at the problem in a new and inventive way. Probably most important though, is that he could take those seeds of an idea and continue to develop them into a well crafted product that is delightful to use.

Meeting him and getting to know him professionally led to a long time friendship. I respect his work ethic, dedication, and love of design. I would take him as a teammate in any situation."

Kris Perpich

Chief Experience Officer at Adonit

"I've used Scott and Litfuse Design multiple times and they have delivered over expectations on every project. He is extremely collaborative, smart and delivers on the creative every time. The process and workflow is timely and efficient, no surprises. He excels at tackling business problems with strategic creative, and I'll continue to rely on him in the future."

Shawn Herron

Group Creative Director at Curator PR

"I can't recommend Scott highly enough! He and his team have been creative, responsive, attentive to detail, and flexible with us through multiple projects. He's brainstormed creative concepts, built iPad apps, and provided IT consulting--from big picture to fine details, Scott has provided excellent support and service, with nothing but a smile on his face and a can-do attitude. I look forward to continuing to partner with him."

Rachel Belfield

Account Director at Williams-Helde

"I have worked with Scott a number of times, for various interactive digital projects, including mobile apps, microsites, online contests and interactive websites. Scott is very knowledgeable and always delivers a quality project in a timely manner. We have collaborated many times to come up with the best possible product (even when I seem to always have limitations in either time or budget, he makes it work!). I have called upon Scott more than once with a problem, for which he always seems to have a solution. Not only that, but he is a true pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend Scott for any digital project!"

Annie Scurlock

Producer at Wexley School for Girls

"Scott is creative in his output, top line. His product, service and directional strategies are spot on. Working with Scott is a pleasure!"

Jody Turner

Trend Intelligence, Content Strategist, Brand Consultant/Speaker, and

"Scott is hands down, the best design and production resource I've ever worked with. Creative, collaborative and knowledgeable in all things digital, he and his business partner James can be counted on to produce quality content that will amaze and amuse any client fortunate enough to work with them. You guys ROCK!"

Rod Shelton

Senior Digital Producer (while at) Publicis

"I worked with Scott on several high-profile, extremely time-sensitive web projects and his calmness, professionalism and thoroughness never wavered, even as specs changed constantly and due dates remained hard and fast. I would recommend Scott without reservation, he was terrific to work with."

Cindy Henderson

Producer at Magner Sanborn

"Scott has magical powers, the like of which I have never seen before. Luckily for me I was able to convince Scott to use his Jedi powers for good, not evil, so we started LitFuse Design. Since that magical day he has focus his powers on the digital world, creating some of the most fun and engaging websites I have ever seen. He is amazing."

James Dvorak

Owner at LitFuse Design

"Scott is a master of creative problem solving, execution and exercises impeccable professional integrity. What is neat though is that he balances all of this serious stuff with a wonderful good-natured sense of fun and humor. This enhances the work (manifesting in fresh, clever, entertaining ways), as well as the experience of working with him."

Hillary Radbill

Principal and Creative Director, BeingDesign

"Scott is an incredibly creative designer, and a very skilled Flash developer. With an amazing eye for detail, he's focused and well-organized. I'd recommend him and his partner James (LitFuse Design) every time."

Gregory Martin

UX Developer/Principal, Cylinder Studio

"Scott is a very talented vector illustrator and interactive designer. He is a very savvy business man whom always demands the best from everyone in his professional relations. Scott is a brilliant mentor and motivator to his clients and colleagues."

Scottie Lau

Interactive Web Designer, iSoftStone

"10 years after graduating together from the WWU Design program, Scott and I kept in touch. I had a privilege to watch him and James grow his business from the ground up. I am impressed with Scott's patience, creative drive and business savvy to build exactly the creative company him and James envisioned years ago. In this market, I often see that creative talents settle for the jobs that pay the bills. Every time I visit Litfuse, I'm inspired and impressed with the kind of creative projects they are working on. Scott is collaborative, candid and creative. He's a great listener and a friend I hope to keep for a lifetime."

Fumi Watanabe

Creative Manager, Global Creative Group at Starbucks Coffee Company - Studied with Scott at WWU

Companies & Brands

Here is a list of some of the great companies and brands that I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with over the last 13 years.

Clients at LitFuse Design, Scott's City and Run, Jump & Fly


Feel free to contact me to learn more about me and my current availability. Thank you for taking the time to look through my site!

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